Here in the UK it won't be long before we have to elect a new government - so here is a 'tongue in cheek' poem regarding that....



Hellections are coming,
it won't be very long,
before our politicians try
to persuade us with their songs.

A time of tension for them
an irritant for so many,
with all those party broadcasts,
we might wish that there weren't any.

The leaders of the parties,
will have late nights a plenty,
and any of them would be relieved
to secure, a majority of twenty.

But at this time of writing,
the pundits mostly say,
there could be a hung parliament
if the voting goes that way.

And after recent scandals,
it might be thought by some,
that hanging half the parliament,
might be both fair and fun,
though for those upon the ropes end,
Hellections would have truly come.....

February 8th 2010


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