Sweet Memories


By The Urban Poet


A little sweetshop on every street corner

in every parade, as if part of the order,

of life and time, so within this rhyme

we can reminisce,

of the tastes, delight, and sheer bliss,

the humble sweet has given us,

like a kiss, of life that soothes and calms,

excites and tempts. 

Like pick and mix, Lucky bags of tricks

and treats, surprises to beguile, transfix.


Newsagents, newspapers, cigarettes,

tobacco, lots of sweets, Walls ice creams,

sherbet dips and minto’s.

A stand in the corner, post cards with jokes

Your first taste of spending money, but

you were spoiled for choice!


The lovely old lady behind the counter

with her hair up in a bun.

She never rushed you; knowing

that choosing was all part of the fun.

Standing there looking in wonder

at all the tasty swag, deciding what would

go in, to the little white paper bag.


Would it be:  Flying saucers,

Barrett’s shrimps, rhubarb and custard,

white chocolate mice or fish and chips.

Aniseed balls, pineapple chunks,

cola bottles, or chewy lumps. 

Midget gems, Spanish tobacco,

Chocolate limes and liquorice torpedoes

The sky was the limit, sugar wasn’t your enemy,

oh the joy of having sweet, sweet memories.









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Taylor Crowshaw

Thu 15th Nov 2018 18:58

A beautiful nostalgic poem Fred enjoyed it immensely..?

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