Androids 2

How did we get to where we are now

With iPads and mobiles and all things technological?

Messaging, emails, air drops and more

Things go out of date once they leave

the factory floor.

To some of us it's seems only a short life ago,

when spinning tops reigned, and rocking horses

were all the go.

The cursory Christmas stocking filled

with surprises, like oranges, nuts and dates

in different colours, shapes and sizes

Thought we'd won the lottery, if we got

a Scalextric or some tea set pottery.

Shoes were actually made of leather

Not synthetic, with canvas uppers

and plastic soles that let in the weather 

Everything now is like a substitute for the real

An android doesn't have the same feel,

touch or smell when you hold it close

It doesn't make you as warm as toast

Like when you cuddled your dolly or hid

your tin soldiers, from brothers and bullies

and those who were older.

Don't get me wrong life's gadgets are great,

even CCTV and electric gates

All these things make you feel much safer

in crazy, scary and volatile places

But why do we need to be put through

our paces, and be left with a look

of distain on our faces?

Robots in factories robbing us humans

of work, planning and calculations

But an android can't sort out

industrial relations!

I mean, since when did robots go on strike?

The Urban Poet 2018

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Don Matthews

Mon 26th Nov 2018 23:21

Sadly Fred rhyming is out
Rhyming is out of fashion
But if we lived in Shakespeare's day
It would be all the passion

I'm pleased you've made attempt submit
Of three rhymatic poems
Do not give up, not give up hope
You could still win, and show 'em ?

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Rick Varden

Mon 26th Nov 2018 21:34

Thanks folks for the comments. Appreciated. Taylor, have you entered the WoL competition? I have but being a rhymer I expect the usual rejections on my 3 submissions ?

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Taylor Crowshaw

Mon 26th Nov 2018 13:40

Loved this Fred, very meaningful and thought provoking poem. Taylor x

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Don Matthews

Mon 26th Nov 2018 00:48

Ah, that is so good Fred. Dates us hey? ?

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Paul Sayer

Sun 25th Nov 2018 23:20

Robots Ha!

Pissst Don't mention the smart dust

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