By The Urban Poet

Draft beer pumps lined in neat rows straight

Bar person trying hard to keep up to date

With endless orders in a busy pub with live music,

Sky TV, and tasty home cooked grub

Everything is under control yea?


Parents rushing like mad to drop off the kids

Morning dew glistening on wheelie bin lids

Diesel clouds billow through the morning light

A build up from heavy traffic lines at night

Is everything under control?


An ambulance siren, or is it a sound effect?

For a movie you could swear you were in

When you woke up shivering, hands erect,

worshipping all that you hold dearly,

even though for you, this is really early. Scary.

But all is well and under control?


What is control? To dominate, have the power?

To influence, direct people, stand like a tower

To alter the course of events, rule over, reign?

Curb, subdue, repress and wash people’s brains?

Are we under someone’s control?


Well It’s all been done before, tried and tested

In would-be super hero’s, people have invested

all their trust.

And so control can be summed up as just....

A temporary period until these words are spoken...

”ashes to ashes, dust to dust”. 











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