it isn't poetry

This isn't poetry
and nor is it politics
it is neither and both,
political and poetical
because poetry is pretty
whereas politics is not
but let's see where it takes us
and maybe we will end up
in a better place
not poorer but richer
for the experience of both
poems and polemics
are but the transport of ideas
whose media are words,
words of love, words of hate,
words hope, words of trust
and faith in something
a longing for a better world
wherein may dwell less strife,
more love and lots more lust
for poetry and politic
are but the means to an end
and the end is a better world,
a happier life
so listen here and listen well
those that have ears to hear
remember this and do not ever forget
this world we make our own
a heaven or a hell, take heed
and tremble at the power of the word
to create ideas to fashion life
for we are the sculptors of our sacred souls
what we were and what we are
is a precedent of what will be
and how the path ahead lays out
depends on our politic and poetry
write well, be proud, be firm, be fair
the future is ours to  mould
create ideas, wave the flag
stride forth, be free be bold.


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