Take Five Hundred and Sixty Four

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Take Five Hundred and Sixty Four

Five hundred and sixty four
million pounds to fund
Identity Cards!
What the hell is that?
Five - Hundred - And - Sixty - Four:
Five hundred and sixty four
million pounds,
more than half a Billion
is Five hundred and sixty four
And how many lives would it count,
half a billion pounds
if a cure for cancer were found?
How many have we lost,
ask yourself, you look around, 
for the lack of a fundamental research pound?
A drug free cure would not hurt
the multi-fucking-international corporate conglomerate incorporateds
that thrive and profit well
at the expense of thousands in misery and pain.
The values of politic seem
inverse to me but then how little do I know?
Except that I know
the petro-chemical-pharmacological Quabal
deal in profit from Pain and Misery and Fear.
Take your ID card scheme
and others alike,
and where the sun don't shine
is where you should shove it
Take Five Hundred And Sixty Four
millions of pounds and wisely invest
in a drug-free cure
So that to the creeping canker we
lose no more.

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