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There’s something going on making me feel fearful


I’m sitting here alone

in a dark and creaking house

I’m sure I heard something,

stirring inside sure not out


and I’m staring straight ahead

I’m trying hard to hear

that sound I heard just now

the one that made me scared


In a dark and eerie house

every sound is amplified

was that another sound

or was it just a little creak?


No, I’m sure I heard it then

again, it’s caught my ear

this time I’m getting up

time to investigate


I pick a hammer up

start creeping up the stairs

shout “Is anybody there’

maybe they’ll run off scared


maybe I’ll run off scared

but I grit my teeth and climb

leaving sensibility

and sanity behind


I hope that someone’s there

I’m ready for a fight

a fright leaves me shaking

and standing in two minds


that sound I heard just now

I’m staring straight ahead

in a dark and creepy house

and I’m all by myself


there is nothing on the stairs

or in any of the bedrooms

I’m just relaxing slightly

when I give a sudden start


there is something higher up

so I bravely gird my loins

maybe I’ll run off scared

‘is there anybody there?’


The attic door is locked

but I can hear a sound within

I hammer down the door

and stand there bathed in dark


the sweat is turning cold

it’s freezing on my brow

its fight or flight or dying

as I peer into the gloom


‘Come in’ a voice says quietly

as I stand petrified

‘Come in and say hello’

and that leaves me mystified


as my eyes see in the dark

I make out a woman’s face

though her skin has long since rotted

her eyes have been replaced


and she smells of rot and decay

her hair hangs dead as hay

her wedding dress is tarnished

and I want to run away


But Glennon sits beside her

he’s gnawing on a bone

and though he looks quite ghastly

he says, “Welcome home!”



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Andy N

Wed 23rd Dec 2009 14:03

good to see you are writing nice cheerful pieces for christmas, Paul - lol.. I remember Dermot's piece well - whether everybody else of course is a different ball game but I reckon you'll mention that while reading this!

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Dave Morgan

Tue 22nd Dec 2009 19:17

didn't know you, Dermot and his ex were all living together these days, explains a lot.

<Deleted User> (5593)

Tue 22nd Dec 2009 10:25

'Glennon' refers to Dermot Glennon (DG) who has written a classic poem about murdering his wife and keeping her body in the attic.

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Ann Foxglove

Tue 22nd Dec 2009 10:09

Who's Glennon?
I spent the whole poem thinking it would be a little squirrel! ;-)

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Mon 21st Dec 2009 22:06

So all's well that ends well

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Chris Dawson

Mon 21st Dec 2009 21:15

And a very Merry Christmas to you too .....

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