‘That Thing In The Cupboard’ by Hannah Collins is our Poem of the Week

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This week, we offer our congratulations to Hannah Collins, whose piece That Thing In The Cupboard has been chosen as Poem of the Week. On her profile, Hannah says ‘I believe poetry is best when shared’ so it seems completely appropriate to share her work with you today. We hope you enjoy it.
Here are her answers to our Q&A.

What inspired the poem ?
That big dark cupboard under the stairs ! Also however sophisticated we may think we are, we still have quite primitive feelings from time to time.

Do you feel your poetry has changed much since you started writing?
Yes, I am more conscious of getting the grammar correct and not waffling on too much!

Do you get out and about to open mic nights? Is there somewhere people can hear you read?
I don't get out to open mic nights but I would like to. Haven't come across any in my area. I have only recorded things in an amateur way for friends but would like to do more. Maybe on WOL.

You have four dinner guests (living or dead) to supper. Who would they be?? 
Harold Pinter. Claude Monet, Sylvia Plath and Alan Bennett.


That Thing In The Cupboard
by Hannah Collins

You know it's there
That thing in the cupboard.
You never want to tarry there,
In that big cupboard, the one by the stair
Because you know it's in there.
It's not exactly human
Or totally a monster,
It's somewhere in between,
An entity,
A thing.
It's very tall
And nasty
With skeleton fingers that could tighten around your neck,
Could sneak up behind
And bring no good.
I hang my coat in there
And keep spare batteries on the shelf
And the Christmas wrappings
And some old cassettes I can never use now,
Things I should really throw out
Are stored in there.
And every evening I seem to have to go in there
For something . . .
I always make sure the cupboard door is closed tightly at night,
I usually check it twice.
One night I went in, the light failed
And the door swung closed
And I saw two red eyes . . .
Anyway, I've been living with the thing in the cupboard for a while,
It's been there as long as I can remember,
Just outside of my line of vision
But a constant presence.
It's always been there
Until yesterday evening . . .
I came home and the cupboard door was wide open
And apparently had been open all day
While the electricians re-wired the place.
Oh no !
I walked into the cupboard,
It had been open all day
And the thing was no longer there !
I could sense the change immediately,
The cupboard was bland, no atmosphere,
The thing had got out.
After all the careful years of keeping the cupboard secured,
The thing had got out,
But to where ?
And where is it now . . . ?


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Frances Macaulay Forde

Sat 9th Jun 2018 01:32

G'day Hannah, so sorry I'm late to this party - CONGRATULATIONS!
Such a deserved POTW for one of your many well-crafted and considered poems.
This one oozed with controlled tension, reminding us all succinctly of our childish terror.
Very pleased for you.

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suki spangles

Wed 6th Jun 2018 04:32

Hi there Hannah,

I, like many others here, enjoy your poetry. Congratulations!


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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 5th Jun 2018 16:22

Congratulations Hannah,

You know I read all your work, I am so pleased you have PoTW but I feel some of your previous work is more worthy than this, and could equally have been rewarded with PoTW.

I feel awful saying that, as I don't know how you will receive it. I just wanted to convey that I think you consistently deliver.

It is worthy of note that several recipients of PoTW have voiced similar opinions regarding their own work.

Any way, sincerely....congratulations,


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Tue 5th Jun 2018 12:27

A shining star is visible here, to be enjoyed by all discerning readers. Great poem tickling all those dark fancies Hannah !


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Martin Elder

Mon 4th Jun 2018 22:09

Fabulous Hannah. I am really pleased for you. I look forward to reading more of your work
Many congratulations

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Hannah Collins

Mon 4th Jun 2018 19:50

Thank you so much everyone.
Thanks for the comments.
It is so thrilling to have my poem chosen as POTW.
Thank you to everyone that reads and encourages my writing.


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Brian Maryon

Mon 4th Jun 2018 12:56

Well done Hannah!

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Graham Sherwood

Mon 4th Jun 2018 12:33

This is a very well deserved accolade Hannah. Your poetry is going from strength to strength and I hope this spurs you on to even greater things.


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Darren J Beaney

Mon 4th Jun 2018 11:28


I hope it isn't under your bed.....

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J R Harris

Mon 4th Jun 2018 11:17

Congratulations Hannah.

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