That Thing In The Cupboard

You know it's there

That thing in the cupboard.

You never want to tarry there,

In that big cupboard, the one by the stair

Because you know it's in there.

It's not exactly human

Or totally a monster,

It's somewhere in between,

An entity,

A thing.

It's very tall

And nasty

With skeleton fingers that could tighten around your neck,

Could sneak up behind

And bring no good.


I hang my coat in there

And keep spare batteries on the shelf

And the Christmas wrappings

And some old cassettes I can never use now,

Things I should really throw out

Are stored in there.

And every evening I seem to have to go in there

For something . . .

I always make sure the cupboard door is closed tightly at night,

I usually check it twice.

One night I went in, the light failed

And the door swung closed

And I saw two red eyes . . .


Anyway, I've been living with the thing in the cupboard for a while,

It's been there as long as I can remember,

Just outside of my line of visiion

But a constant presence.

It's always been there

Until yesterday evening . . .

I came home and the cupboard door was wide open

And apparently had been open all day

While the electricians re-wired the place.

Oh no !

I walked into the cupboard,

It had been open all day

And the thing was no longer there !

I could sense the change immediately,

The cupboard was bland, no atmosphere,

The thing had got out.

After all the careful years of keeping the cupboard secured,

The thing had got out,

But to where ?

And where is it now . . . ?

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Hannah Collins

Wed 27th Jun 2018 18:08

Thank you so much for your comment Jerrica.


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Jerrica Badgett

Fri 15th Jun 2018 02:11

Great job with wording here. The meaning is deep but the story sends chills down my spine as if the monster was a real threat in a home of my own. I love that factor in writing! Keep up the wonderful writting Hannah!

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Hannah Collins

Thu 31st May 2018 20:46

Thank you to everyone who commented.
Ray, David, Frances, Brian.
Martin, Mike and the lovely Anya !
I love to read the comments.
I think the thing may be back in the cupboard now, anyway I'm keeping the door closed !


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Tue 29th May 2018 21:58

Excellent fare Hannah. We all love a good scare under the stair. A nice twist to be disappointed. I used to change photographic film spools in the dark under the stairs, cramped up. Conscious of my own breathing - a coin in the slot gas meter there - it had a L shaped end which was quite scary.


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Frances Macaulay Forde

Tue 29th May 2018 03:52

Yes, the fear is palpable!

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Brian Maryon

Mon 28th May 2018 23:28

No-one puts Baby in the cupboard...oh no, it was corner wasn't it.

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Martin Elder

Mon 28th May 2018 22:47

I love this poem Hannah it has a sort of other worldly feel for me. Almost a little Nania like as if it would be possible to step inside to another world, but also just a hint of something or someone lurking in side.
Marvellous stuff

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Wolfgar Miere

Mon 28th May 2018 22:42


It seems we find it difficult to release one fear without creating a void for another. We need our monsters.

Unusual poem for you, I like it.


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mike booth

Mon 28th May 2018 20:14

see also Vernon Scannell's A Case of Murder - disturbing, but very real poem about that cupboard under the stair...

M x

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mike booth

Mon 28th May 2018 20:12

Great poem, suggestive of real everyday life (we all keep those spare batteries!), anxiety and menace. Wonder if the two red eyes make it a bit too specific... whether it would work better to be more ambiguous as to what this dark secret is... and maybe how it is also an essential part of you? M x🙌😱

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