The audio poem 'Tick Tock’ by Xoanxo is Write Out Loud’s Poem of the Week

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Xoanxo is an artist who sees his poems as being the result of collaboration with his surroundings. This Poem of the Week is unusual and distinctive in that it's one you need to listen to rather than simply read. Tick Tock comes with a stunningly beautiful audio file which is an integral part of the poem. Who knows, it may inspire you to create an audio poem yourself....

Thanks to Xoanxo for his answers to our questions.


What got you into writing poetry?
I don’t know really…Inquietude I guess…I wrote my first poem at 14 as an expression of sorrow due to the passing away of my cousin Estefanía at the tender age of 9…
How long have you been writing?
On and off since then, 34 years, although from the age of 20 I focused mainly on my art, abstract painting.
Do you go to any open-mic nights?
So far I have only been to 4, my first in 2017 at the Holly Bush in Wrecclesham, the second at the West End Centre in Aldershot where I was fortunate to meet Rodney Wood who introduced me to Write Out Loud and The New Inn poetry readings in Woking which I attended in April and my last open-mic reading was at the Lightbox, also in Woking.
I thoroughly enjoyed the variety of poetry styles by all contributors and the support I received at every event was magnificent. I certainly intend to continue participating…

Who’s your favourite poet? And poem?
There are too many poets whose work I admire and too many poems I love to simply choose a favourite…Having said that, one I often quote is actually a song lyric my Eden Ahbez written in 1947 and made initially famous by Nat King Cole, “Nature Boy”, since them it has been covered by many many artists…
You’re cast away on a desert island. What’s your luxury?
Hmmm…Just one? Would the company of my wife be accepted as a luxury…Funny how this question has been the most difficult to answer…I don’t mind moments of solitude but being a cast away on a desert island would probably turn my solitude into loneliness…My single luxury would have to be anything that would enable me to leave and return at will…A teletransporter perhaps?

Tick Tock
by Xoanxo

(Get money and you can buy anything)

Sat at the table
tie around his neck
vaper in hand…
He looked at the clock…


Time still for a quick thought…
Must avoid rush hour on my way to work…

He looked up and said to himself…
Can you buy that sky?

Can you buy the moon at night?
Keep the summer wind by your side?
Or eternal peace of mind?

Can you really?

Could I get my youth back?
Hold a single wave in my hand?
An artist talent and make it mine?


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Sat 19th May 2018 00:26

Thank you very much Janey and Stu!

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Janey Colbourne

Thu 17th May 2018 16:29

I love this. Beautifully done! I like to put some of my poems to music too.

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Stu Buck

Tue 15th May 2018 08:59

hugely enjoyable

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Mon 14th May 2018 18:49

Thank you all for your kind and encouraging comments!!! Thank you also to Write out Loud for such an honour!!! It is a great privilege to have one of my poems featured amongst so many talented poets!!!

@Greg, thank you Greg, it was great to meet you too!!! Unfortunately next reading at Send coincides with my wife's birthday so I will have to miss it but please count on me for the next one!!!

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 14th May 2018 16:02

The theme is universal.
Can Man be construed as committing a crime
When regimenting the passing of time?

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suki spangles

Mon 14th May 2018 13:12

Congratulations! Nice work Xoanxo. Look forward to listening and reading more of your work.


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Heather Moulson

Mon 14th May 2018 12:36

A wonderful and strong poem.


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Martin Elder

Mon 14th May 2018 09:42

I can certainly see why this is poem of the week. An excellent choice for an excellent poem. The power of it is definitely in the listening .
Many congratulations Xoanxo

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Greg Freeman

Mon 14th May 2018 09:34

Congratulations Xoanxo! It was great to meet you at the New Inn and to hear you read there and at the Lightbox ... and now this! Hope you can make it to Send next Monday.

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