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The best definition I was ever given of myself was from my good friend Aziz who once said to me “You are what makes this moment possible”, and I fully agreed with that view. My contribution in the creation of Artworks do not differ from how I approach social relations or any other type of interaction. Sometimes, instinctively, spontaneously, in collaboration with my surroundings, often responding to how they behave in an impulsive, emotional or unconscious way, but sometimes with premeditation and intention to manipulate in order to serve my own needs and expectations. The process of creating leads me often to disappear as an idea where time ceases to exist and conflicts completely vanish, it is then, when I truly feel I have become “one” with the “moment”. I realize that the works I help creating are the results of my collaboration with many other factors which are completely out of my control and my own contribution does not always follow a reasoned or logical process of thought.


“The Weaver” by Xoanxo Weaver of sounds Weave a garment tonight… Weave a garment Colourful and bright… Weaver of sounds Weave a summer morning sun, Two lonely hearts as one… Two crying tears Into a smile… Weaver of sounds Weave a beautiful garment tonight!

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

Audio entries by Xoanxo

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The Boy and The Sea (19/05/2018)

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Summer end (09/05/2018)

Tick Tock (07/05/2018)

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Wed 2nd May 2018 17:54

Thank you Wood!

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Wed 2nd May 2018 03:50

you have the form that captures the audience.
thank you for sharing your work.

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