Best Friends Forever.

I've got me a best friend
His name is Jack
I put him on rocks
Then mix him with black

He and I hang
With a lady named Mary
Jane is her last name
Though I'm careful not to carry

When we're all together
My troubles slip away
I don't worry about anything
But I have to watch what I say

We get into some trouble
But most of the time we're
All alone in my room
With a twelve pack of beer

Jack helps me cope
He listens to my worries
Takes away my anxiety
And the shit my brain buries

Oh and Mary is here too
She helps me sleep
When my brain won't stop
And my thoughts get too deep

They say friends are forever
And I hope that's the truth
Because without them here
I wouldn't know what the fuck I'd do


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Douglas MacGowan

Fri 26th Jan 2018 07:07

Very claustrophobic. You present the confines of the room, which you don't describe, but the reader forms their own visual image of it.

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