A Living Creation

A Living Creation


I swam out until I could swim no more

then I turned and saw the distant shore

I floated on gently rippling waves

above a deep, dark watery grave

I looked toward the beach of sand

and the towering immensity of land

Further out and beyond my reach

lay another far off beach

An island rising above the sea

perhaps my destination to be


I remained basking in golden sunlight

with the ocean bearing my weight

I felt no dread or fear

of anything that might appear

The sky was cloudless and blue

with the land displaying a different hue

There was movement all around

the sea with its unique lapping sound

High above birds swooped and flew

as beneath a gentle breeze blew


I was not alone but in a rhythm of life

a place of incomparable beauty free from strife

Everything about me was fully alive

I had not earned this generous prize

It was a gift of living reality

from a divine and hidden sanctity

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keith jeffries

Fri 26th Jan 2018 21:48

Ray, thank you for such an interesting comment which gives rise to the juxtaposition been tranquilty and tagedy. The serenity of being buoyed by the ocean to drowning in such an appaling trauma. Life is full of these incomprehensible comparisons from which we can deduce little save resorting to the word mystery. Amswers are not always readily forthcoming even by faith or through rationalism. Thank you again. Keith

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Fri 26th Jan 2018 21:25

It's comforting to be in the company of a believer, Keith. State of mind is everything. There is a special experience of being supported in water - I found it when I plucked up courage to swim and relax at 28 years old. The sea can of course be a terrible place too and the aftermath of the Titanic would give a different sense. Just a thought and in no way any sort of criticism.


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keith jeffries

Fri 26th Jan 2018 09:25

Douglas, Hannah and Jon, thank you for commenting on this poem. As always your comments are much appreciated. Keith

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Thu 25th Jan 2018 20:51

Hi Keith
I enjoyed this very much. It made me feel calm as I read through the piece as though it could be as much about a state of mind or a state of being as much as the admiration of a physical place?


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Hannah Collins

Thu 25th Jan 2018 20:37

Beautiful poem.
I enjoyed this.


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Douglas MacGowan

Thu 25th Jan 2018 20:25

I like how you take a simple and common situation and make it feel more aware and special.

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