The Numinous

The Numinous


From my earliest recollections

without knowledge or instruction

I was forever aware of the numinous

There was always the other there and close

more powerful, silent and strong

I could not feel truly alone

as this invisible companion created a presence

In those days the popular cry was

There is no God

I could not echo this refrain

I knew differently but kept silent

This presence became more apparent

when I was alone, free of care

often at night or in the open countryside

I was given to talking to myself

but I came to realise that I was being heard

Everything about life held me captive

I was the world´s best audience


As I matured this presence remained and grew

afixed to my soul, breathing its existence

Adversity or joy only accentuated its being

Its relevance became essential 

to my personality and outlook on life

Manifestations of the numinous

have become a daily occurence

This inspires me with confidence

any thought of being abandoned or lost

has been swept away by a divine breeze

It came as a gift out of the blue

I did not search or yearn for it

It arrived gradually and silently

to possess my spiritual being

and to create a fortress of strength

in a chaotic and fearful world

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keith jeffries

Wed 24th Jan 2018 16:00

Jackie, thank you for your kind comment. It is much appreciated. Keith

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Jackie Phillips

Wed 24th Jan 2018 14:57

I love the story this tells of one persons journey of belief from infant to adult.😊

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