People everywhere are becoming fearful

distrustful of others, even of those who are close

The world is filled with dread

communities have become fragmented

The tree of life has been ravaged

fruit, leaves and branches lay scattered

Only the trunk remains with its bark stripped

many have withdrawn into their personal hermitages

Loved ones offer some sense of security

Daily we are bombarded with lies and deceit

corruption flourishes

as fertile as a creeping devouring weed

The future holds little promise of hope

as optimism has lost its roots

Avarice and violence stalk the streets where we live

many succumb to alcohol and drugs

to escape their reality, yet this is detrimental

to behaviour and personality and is ultimately destructive

No longer do we greet one another in the street

eye contact is avoided so as not to provoke hostility

It is better to withdraw within onself

to a secure place and into a self created alternative world

Is this retreat reversible?

Can some degree of normality be restored?

has trust irrevocably disappeared?

Is this the destiny of humanity?

Restoration is only in the hands of God

who most of us have abandoned

He has been left outside the portals of our homes

an unwelcomed guest caught up in the brambles of an institution

We can no longer save ourselves

Who is there left to redeem us?

◄ The Two Valleys

He is...... ►


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keith jeffries

Fri 19th Jan 2018 08:51

Artur & Jon, thank you for your comments. As ever they are much appreciated. Keith

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Fri 19th Jan 2018 00:17

Hi Keith
An effective bur sad summing up of many of the problems of modern day life.
What a predicament! Told expertly as ever

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keith jeffries

Thu 18th Jan 2018 22:18

Martin & David, thank you for your comments. They are much appreciated. Keith

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Martin Elder

Thu 18th Jan 2018 20:27

This is one of those poems that I would describe as being timeless in as much it could be pitched at almost any point in time and it will be interesting to see people in the future read it and take in its full significance
Nice one Keith

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