The Two Valleys

The Two Valleys


Two valleys separated by a mountain range

only a tortuous track joined the two

One valley was verdant with many springs

the other quite arid with sparse vegetation

The valley of aridity was a maze of industry

factories abounded, people wore military attire

Soldiers goose stepped to military bands

as leaders took the salute and waved gleefully

Weapons of all manner could be seen

missiles, tanks, fighters and howitzers

The people were ideologically taught right from wrong

lessons of obedience and the conduct of war

Flags, banners and walls daubed with slogans

festooned the highways demanding patriotism

Subversives were imprisoned or disappeared

writers, journalists and free thinkers silenced

Power, glory and might pervaded the atmosphere

as the people avidly listened to military broadcasts

War with ultimate victory the highest ideal


Beyond the mountainous region, miles away

lay the other valley of meadows and streams

Birds flew in celestial formation to and fro

cattle grazed, children sang with smiling faces

Magnificent architecture housed galleries

museums, concert halls and theatres

A multiracial population enjoyed diversity

sang different songs and played games together

Music was part of the diet and creativity was encouraged

Sculptors, artists, musicians and poets harmonised

Handicrafts eradicated the need for factories

Sport was non competitive, only for enjoyment

Health and happines and freedom to wear anything

Parks, excursions, street art and dance

promoted joy, the sense of being fully alive

Leaders were at the behest of the people

Freedom a prized commodity of immense value

Health and Education were freely accessible

The pursuit of happines the greatest ideal



The mountain range provided a natural barrier

the path between the valleys, the only route

to connect the two. It was seldom crossed

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Douglas MacGowan

Mon 15th Jan 2018 00:24

Good poem about, to my mind, a lost utopia that we try to re-find but that never really existed.

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