My heart breaks

as tears roll down my cheeks

My equilibrium is disturbed

as my emtions are raw

I am inconsolable

Humanity is enigmatic

it is almost intolerable


Artillery targets a town

shells fall on hospitals and schools

Many are killed or wounded

Little Karim Abdel Rahman

was two months old

Shrapnel is embedded in his skull

he has lost his left eye

The perpetrators are

Bashir Assad and Vladimir Putin

I am enraged


The same dictator has

gassed his own people 

using the sarin nerve agent

I am enraged


Tens of thousands

of Muslims have fled Burma

as ethnic cleansing burns their homes

they also burn babies

rape women and shoot the men

A military dictatorship

is completely responsible

I am enraged


Thousands die of

malnutrition, cholera and diptheria

in the Yemen

Saudi Arabian planes

bomb them every day

Iran is also complicit in this 

horrendous atrocity.

The sick have no food or medicine

I am enraged


Palestinians are demeaned 

as their homes are bulldozed

their olive trees burned

to make way for Israeli Settlements

thousands are politicial prisoners

America uses its power with impunity

I am enraged


No one is ever held to account

as the UN plays games 

with the veto

I am enraged


All this continues as I write

I am enraged


The world watches aghast

but no one does anything

I am enraged

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Thu 11th Jan 2018 21:08

Hi Keith
Shocking to read and heartbreaking..So many atrocities committed for land, power, religion without a thought for the vulnerable.

Very powerfully put.

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keith jeffries

Tue 9th Jan 2018 09:56

Beno, thank you for your comment. It is much appreciated. If you ever come up with any ideas to put matters right, then please ley me know and we will do it together. Keith

<Deleted User> (18474)

Tue 9th Jan 2018 09:24

Is it wrong just to feel powerless about all this rather than enraged? I haven't got the first idea how you put it all right?
A very powerful piece Mr Jefferies. Beno.

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keith jeffries

Mon 8th Jan 2018 20:02

Jemima, Thank you for your informative comment. I was born on the very day Gandhi was assasinated, if that is of any value, other than I hold him in the highest regard. Your question is very pertinent as you ask how can, in so many cases, dictators rule over millions for so long. The answer is probably threefold: apathy, powerlessness and dictators who ensure they are well protected. What you say about Israel and the Palestinians is spot on. The abused has become the abuser. Thank you again. Keith

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keith jeffries

Mon 8th Jan 2018 19:49

Nick, thank you for your comment. What enrages me most of all is that we cannot turn our anger through poetry or art into something positive. Picasso painted the famous Guernica which depicts many of the horrors I have described but to no real avail. We are powerless observers. Thank you again. Keith

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Jemima Jones

Mon 8th Jan 2018 19:49

I am not a lady of violence by any means keith but what I always am amazed by is the fact that people like Gandhi, John Lennon, Martin Luther King who were great promoters of peace and goodwill to their fellow man were assassinated and yet evil people like Assad, Putin and Mugabe were and are left untouched to continue their vile actions against the very people they are supposed to be representing. How is it that the hateful minorities can and have done in so many cases ruled over millions for so long. And as for the Israelis are they not almost doing to the Palestinians what Hitler did to millions of their own people in the way of persecuting? I can imagine many Holocaust victims must be rolling in their graves. Shame on Israel! Thank you (keith) Jemima.

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Nick Coleman

Mon 8th Jan 2018 17:17

Expressive to be sure.

art and poetry can and should prick the conscience of the population and our leaders

I share your anger but how to turn it into something positive is a different matter.

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