Summer heat makes us strip of nothing

little shirts, toes out, booties 

Splash in the pool

Seeing new faces that disappear, when the seasons start to change

Building a bond tight like links

Apart as sweat makes us sticky

Fall in likes with summer treatment

Fall to see orange and yellow leaves

As the summer treatment has invited somebody

Moods start to change

I need therapy

Watching the leaves until the trees look like nothing


Naked like I, in the hot heat

The trees look unhealthy

That looks like me internally

Summer treatment was temporary

As the seasons change I become blue, and this feeling is lasting

Hanging on to me like it’s my bestie

you weren’t here in the blistering heat

You aren’t keeping me warm

 I am chattering as if I am eating corn

As I didn’t get a cuffing buddy

Self-help its only me

Pushes me, as if I weigh three hundred ton of something

I see the light

Birds are chirping

I spring back

Out of that seasonal funk or something

#cold #change #winterblues #mood

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