Flexible as a flexi rod

Love like a mother

Adapt as a chameleon

Real like a savage

Persistent, just like a professional runner

Machete through my jungle mind, keeping the weeds down

Care for one as a new born baby

Sympathetic, as I walk in someone else’s shoes

Cross my legs, as you have to work to spread them

Looking into the eyes of others; I see a mirror through there window

I appear as honest and conservative innocence   

Freaky John Doe

Spotless like a model home

Spoken word is my poetic voice

Mouth is never closed, always feed

Not perfect as God created me

Not good enough for some but over feed and enough for me

Past dismantled, grass is green nice table setting

Queen as of today

Picked over like grapes in the store

Self-portrait, self-love

As God loves me; allowing me to be great

As my past is spoken of

Not questioned like an eight ball

Something is still wrong

God is my driver, I am a screw

I need some tightening up

#beyourself #different #goals #God

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