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Duncan McKenzie Ross

Updated: Mon, 18 Sep 2017 02:34 pm

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Using poetry as a psychological tool to express the stuff going on in my head. Recommended by psychiatrist to try this form of therapy. I scare my psychiatrist!! My work has a very dark, fatalistic leaning. Who am I kidding it's not leaning it's fallen over!


The Efficacy of Armageddon. There are stories of old That have been re told Time and time again Of a final Armageddon Puppeteers pull the strings Of darkness that ultimately brings An end to all that is good in the world When Evil's banner is finally unfurled. There are stories of old Revamped and re told How did these stories begin? Tales of the final Armageddon. In the beginning all was darkness A void black and formless Then when that first light shone Where the seeds of evil sown? There are stories of old Confined and re told Here now the origin? Of the final Armageddon. How did the Fallen come to be So full of rage and jealousy? Cast out to reside below I wonder what it is they know. There are stories of old Confused as they are re told One once chosen above all Engineers the final downfall? If these stories are to be believed A chosen few will be reprieved But who chooses the chosen Before the final Armageddon? There are stories of old Complicit as they are bold Whose finger is on the button? Releasing the final Armageddon. In the beginning there was creation At the end there will be devastation Will there be a new grand architect? Just a thought to ponder and reflect Will there be stories anew? Re told by but a few Will lessons ever be learned? In the beginning all was burned!

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