Worthless Women

In our sophisticated societies

even today

there are men

who 'breed' sons as a re-issue of themselves

for inheritance of power;

and daughters as bargaining chips

for the extension of power

by amalgamation of resources.

Children whose worth is solely dependent

upon their value in 'the Tribal Game'.

Through ignorance or denial

the value of a woman

lies in the male's preferred child production

entirely based upon his sex-deciding genes

and often upon his sperm count.


No wonder education is denied to women:

Knowledge lays waste to buffoonery.

But even in educated nations

Science can be selective, or denied.

Still, today, there are men

persuaded by rigid fundamentalism

thousands of years ancient

who believe that women exist to provide progeny;

that the birth of male offspring

is the woman's responsibility.

Who judge her, and treat her accordingly:

No son – exchangeable.

No children – discard-able.

Worthless women

convenient for labour

or rutting.


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Cynthia at Manchester Central Library, Dec. 7 ►


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Thu 18th Jan 2018 15:36


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keith jeffries

Sat 25th Nov 2017 11:31

Cynthia, well said, well done and the bell of truth rings loud and clear. Thank you. Keith

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Wed 22nd Nov 2017 13:27

Hi Cynthia
Superb poem. Disturbing when you think of the subject matter but made me stop and mull over the whole topic. I was in a congregation myself that clearly split men and women a good while ago, but not in a good way.
Thought provoking stuff.

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Martin Elder

Wed 8th Nov 2017 13:17

I wholeheartedly concur with this Cynthia and find it incredulous that still today that there are men that look at women and treat them in such a way. As to the woman you mention alas amongst allsorts of beliefs there would appear to be such lack of understanding regardless of race faith and gender.
As Laura says it should not still need to be said but sadly it is.
Well done

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Fri 3rd Nov 2017 19:34

Ray, I believe both man and woman were part of the same congregation for years. It's hard to be certain as I really couldn't pry with any grace. Even if she did start the conversation and introduced such a personal topic so quickly. I did ask her whether she had consulted a doctor for verification of her sterility, and her shocked response was: Why on earth would I do that! And I decided: Say no more; she is content with her view of life. And weirdly, maybe even satisfied with her lot; it evokes much sympathy.

Thanks, Laura. The whole subject, in so many guises, lies close to my heart.

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Laura Taylor

Thu 2nd Nov 2017 14:44

Shouldn't need to be said, but it still does. So well said Cynth.

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Wed 1st Nov 2017 21:36

This poses a very serious dilemma Cynthia . I'm curious as to whether the woman became born again as a sort of refuge from the shame - if so that is an even wider issue . I'm not sufficiently educated to take the argument any further, but you speak the truth. At least women are fighting back in terms of lifting themselves up from slavery to men in those tribal societies.


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 1st Nov 2017 10:21

I finished this poem two days ago, but decided not to post it until Halloween had passed.

And then, this morning, there is a BBC interview in prime time, with men who are sterile, an informative, sensitive discussion.

This work came initially from an encounter with a charming, loving woman who belonged, with her husband, to a congregation of 'Born Again' Christians. She was childless after many years of marriage. She totally blamed herself, as did her husband, and considered herself to be a 'worthless woman'. I was appalled.

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