The Moon is a Thing

The beauty of the moon's lovely light

Pours equally

Upon king or slave, castle or cave.

Birth or death.

It suffers not the moral skeins

Of lies and truth -

That purview of Power.

The moon is a thing.


And this amazing thing

Has fired human imagination

To evolve esoteric meaning

From Forever ... whenever that was.


Surely a sense of humour

In the Universe

Set that rock up there

Beetling around our globe

Reflecting the mighty Sun in silver safety

Its beauty provocative and careless.


Still – still - by accident or design

This piece of space trash

Seeds our imagination

Feeds our intellect

Whips our wanderlust.


Not too shabby for a hunk of junk 

Hurtling around Earth

Tethered by Our gravity -

Like 'walking the dog' -




Cynthia Buell Thomas, Oct., 2017

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Lyrical Lexa

Thu 14th Dec 2017 03:15

Not too shabby for a hunk of junk. Our moon. Love this Cynthia

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Tia Lattanzio

Tue 7th Nov 2017 21:49

Hi Cynthia!
I also wrote a poem about the moon, years ago when I was a young child- my first poem in fact.
I love this, the flow of it and the subtle humour of it. It mad me think deeply and laugh at the way human minds work.
Thank you for a wonderful poem!

A fellow Libra,
Tia Lattanzio

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suki spangles

Sat 14th Oct 2017 04:47

Hi Cynthia,

Nice poem. The moon is a more mysterious place than we think..

I also wrote a sci-fi nonsense piece about the moon a while back called "Tycho".

Here's three moon videos you might enjoy:

For best effect watch on full screen and highest settings.


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 12th Oct 2017 14:28

Bless you dear 'peoples' who have found both interest and time to respond to this piece of 'silly'. What I find constantly, in almost everything, is a bizarre mix of fact and fancy, and then the challenge to 'sort them out' to the best of my ability. It isn't always successful; but it never fails to be fun.

I can't imagine life without 'fun'.

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Hannah Collins

Wed 11th Oct 2017 21:56

I am a great fan of the moon. It's different shapes and powerful light is wonderful. I like the part in the poem about how it pours it's light equally on everyone.

patricia Hughes

Wed 11th Oct 2017 21:30

I'm a stubborn Taurus but I love the moon and this poem.

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Raj Ferds

Wed 11th Oct 2017 15:50

One more Libran here. Now that should definitely tip the balance Cynthia. How about a "Moon Walk" just to whip our wanderlust.

Nice one.

Graham Sherwood

Wed 11th Oct 2017 13:53

Librans are all coming out the woodwork here CBT. I'm 66 on the 16th.
Beetling around our it!

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Wed 11th Oct 2017 13:38

Hi Cynthia
Great poem,especially enjoying the last stanza, referencing the moon as 'a hunk of junk,hurtling around earth,tethered by our gravity,like walking the dog'.
Made me think ; and laugh.
(Libra also here)

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 11th Oct 2017 12:50

To be born under 'Libra' and then called 'Cynthia' was really tempting 'Moon Influence'. I am a reasonably thinking person, and therefore, I mock nothing.

Should I call this 'Walking the Dog'?

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