The Devil Don't Own Me

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The Devil Don’t Own Me


He may have saluted the corrupted cross

In Hitler’s Germany,

or whispered to Judas Iscariot,

hanging from a tree,

he could have pulled the trigger finger

back in nineteen sixty three,

he may own the soul of rock and roll

but the Devil don’t own me.


He may pollute the air we breath

or the raging, deep blue, sea.

He may breath on polar ice caps

on his subtle killing spree.

He may steal food from starving children

or the hope from you and me,

he may arm the fights of acolytes

but the Devil don’t own me.


He may own the greedy bankers

and the false economy,

the fascist newspaper owners

in the lands of liberty,

he may own the cops and robbers,

he may strive to set them free

from the laws they place upon us -

but the Devil don’t own me


He was at the witches coven,

looking for his fee,

when the British Government

compacted with the DUP.

He locked their morals in blood

and threw away the key.

The devil owns the country

but the devil don’t own me.


He may own the halls of government

and the sly, dark powers that be,

the state run institutions,

he may own the state TV,

he may control what we hear,

he may control what we see,

the Devil may be media savvy

but the devil don’t own me.


He owned the Milk Snatcher

and the Grey Man forking peas,

the Jolly Sailor Boy

and the Bullingdon Club bullies.

He was in the wrong line at Orgreave

urging on the young PC’s.

Yes the Devil sides with devils

but the Devil don’t own me

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Mon 26th Nov 2018 16:37

I love this piece.

I am looking back at what you have posted and connect with your words my friend.

How many others posting here at WOL are writing this kind of stuff?

So much to read here... Not enough hours in the day or days in the week.


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M.C. Newberry

Tue 12th Sep 2017 17:44

A good old-style protest song here.
'But pardon me if I'm getting slow:
Why no mention of "Uncle Joe"?'

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Mon 11th Sep 2017 18:45

great piece Ian and so cleverly rounded off

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Hannah Collins

Mon 11th Sep 2017 14:31

Brilliant !

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