Today's News Game

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Today’s News Game


The woman who read the news smiled

and got excited by the prospect

of what was to come.


He proudly watched over

the seeds that he had sewn

in the name of his culture.


She said

“Don’t point that thing at me,

I had enough of it last time”.


They watched on with blank faces

and clapped in the right places

and some were secretly resentful


because it doesn’t pay

to question the ruling class

in this country.


“How much will it cost”

no one asked

because it didn’t matter.


An expensive toy

for a spoilt rich kid.

His baby.


“Fuck me” she said

“Fuck ‘em” he said

“We’re fucked” we said.


He was one sick puppy.

She was sick.

We were all sick of it.


One way or another

we’re all going to pay.

Death or Glory.


Today’s News Game -

Puke Or Nuke!

You decide…

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Mishael-Checed Michael- Sanda

Mon 4th Sep 2017 22:54

I love it...
Interesting read...
It's light and deep at the same time...?

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