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Updated: Mon, 4 Sep 2017 11:18 pm

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Hey... It's a simple word... Simple people use it... I'm far from simple though... I'm a mess of confusions and complications... But I'm at my most easy... When I write... I'm still finding myself... So there isn't much else to say...


*Cold* The wind blows angrily As I walk through aimlessly The freezing air Makes my breathing hard to bear Dark clouds forming I see no light in the distance Chances are no help is coming The first rain drop falls on my lip And the once level ground becomes really steep The fog in my heart thickens As the rain fall quickens I walk on though I'm drenched in rain But I stop and drop suddenly overwhelmed in my pain I knew I was going to be walking through thorns But I never expected to be battling storms My mind goes back to what got me here in the first place And then a tidal wave of my tears floods my face Memories I wish I didn't have fill my mind like dark shadows emerging from dark shadows My fingers feel icy and numb Real time hits me -I'm still lying on the wet ground like scum A bolt of lightning escapes from the black clouds Painting everything in its silver light I countdown till the thunder sounds Hoping its fierce groan would give me might Out of tears, I will myself to stand Too weak, I fall back Closing my eyes The once heavy rain now in steady drizzles kisses my face And I remember that after time sadness will fade And someday I'll be free from the hurt in its blade ...

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Ian Whiteley

Mon 11th Sep 2017 13:34

thanks for your kind comments on Today's News Game Misha'yel - I'm really pleased that you liked it and took the time to comment

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Hannah Collins

Tue 5th Sep 2017 18:56

'Cold' beautiful poem, feelings and images.

Thanks for your comment on my poem The Man On The Corner.

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