The days roll by one by one 
Lonely day after lonely day

Go to bed feeling like a waste
Open my eyes feeling lost in space

Walk the same dull halls
Hear my echoes bounce off the same four walls

No sparks
No thrilling experiences
No clouds to look for silver linings 
No once in a life times
No reason to wake up tomorrow 
No reason to smile at yesterday 
Nothing new... 

But you
Like a shooting star across my universe 
Like fireworks in the dead of the night

You crash in on my routine 
Splashing a little colour everywhere 
Causing a little choas here and there

Out of my dark blues 
You turn my gray 
Into rays-glorious and beautiful 

So that I'm filled with expectancy for a new dawn
And the wish that the present day would never be done 


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Tue 5th Sep 2017 14:29

thanks so much for your comment. bless.

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