The Walls

We walk in
Everyone turns to look at us 
Like they're trying to tell what problem could have brought us here

There's something sick about this place
Something not right
It's probably the air
The vileness in the atmosphere 

I walk behind him trying to hide away from their questioning looks
He holds my hand and gives me an assuring look
We stand in a corner far away from everyone else  
But the bitter and sour energy still moves around us

The air feels unclean and dirty 
I'm finding it hard to breathe in
Everything about this place makes me want to throw up 
The walls are stained and tainted 
The floor's smeared and sleazy
The lighting's dim and flickering 

He says I should go sit down but I don't want to
Not if I have to leave his side
He nudges me forward and says you have to sit down
The moment his hand leaves mine the sicker I feel

I hear screams and wails from the walls
I cringe at the sounds of pain I hear but no one else even blinks 
I fear the longer I stay here the more I'll get used to this nightmare 

I try to focus my mind away from it all 
But my eyes settle on the man in front of me
His eyes meet mine and he smiles at me
The warmth of his smile catches me off guard and before I could smile back he turns away 

I look down at my fingers and rub my palms together feeling cold
The man I love looks at me from where he stands, his smiles and winks keeping me sane

Time crawls by and I'm getting weaker with every revolting second in this place 
Our turn comes to go through the walls
I stand up anxiously and he walks over to me squeezing my hand as he leads me

We walk in 
The air here is different 
Easier to breathe 
But not the perfection I desire

I look around and it's like we stepped into a whole new world 
Something so sickly and strange keeps pulling me in deeper, till I'm comfortable and almost at ease

A man stands in the middle of the room with a chair beside him
He doesn't need to say anything I know exactly what to do
I unbutton my dress with unsteady hands and slip it off my shoulders 

The clear air dances around my bare skin and I sit on the chair 
The man looks at me with soulless eyes and lays me back, he takes off my bandages and exposes my wounds

I reach for the hand of the man I love, he kisses my forehead and whispers in my ears, I'm right here 

I shut my eyes and wait for what comes next
The searing pain spreads as the blade cuts through me, taking my breath and turning me into a restless animal

Now it was my screams and wails being heard from the walls
I felt hands hold me down and the blade go in deeper
I bite down on my tongue harder but burst out in a painful sob

My screams' getting louder
My heart becoming like a running engine in my ears or is it just the pain resounding in my head
I'm swimming in ache and deep hurts 

When will this end
The man with soulless eyes says, it's over 
I feel short slicing pain as he cleans me and puts bandages over me 

My cries become deep shuttering breaths and I open my eyes
He looks at me with the same deadness in his eyes as before and even when he smiles... there's something missing 

I'm drenched in sweat and my heart's still thudding, I try to lift a hand to my head but I'm shaking too much
The man I love touches my forehead and I see he has tears in his eyes, he smiles and a wonderful lightness flows through me

I sit up and look around at this place that tranced me with its false comfort but has now become home to my worst nightmare
Dead eyes disappeared through the walls and I feel free to cry again

Love holds me, his embrace powerful and I bury myself in it, holding onto him tightly
He wipes my tears and the churning in my heart comes to calm
I lean on him as we walk out the walls

All eyes on us once again
But it's a different kind of look this time
I think they can see the light
The light that comes after surviving the walls and the cessation of pain that comes with it and walking out like it didn't leave a strain on you

We walk out
Completely out
And I breathe again

The air, a perfection...

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