A Poem for Every Night

Is there something wrong with me?

No forget it, don't answer.

I don't need the diagnosis,

There's no need to say it,

Not even a whisper...


As the moon rises, the sky darkens...

It can't be helped.

As the place grows dark and time passes,

In this quiet home,

I start to feel alone.


The sinking feeling starts...

It's only 9pm and I feel alone.

Who can I talk to?

Who will be there for me?

There is only silence.


Emotions takes it's toll,

Turning and turning the new thoughts in my head,

Who can I turn to?

When the thoughts won't stop.

When the tears shed without any warning.


I have family and friends,

I know in reality, I am not alone.

Why is it that I feel otherwise?

Whisper, don't shout.

I can't bear to hear the news.


I lay down and my mind wanders...

Past to present,

It's always the same.

It can't be helped...

Why is it so quiet here?


My phone is loud,

Yet no sounds are coming from it.

Where is everyone?

If I burn my hand,

Would you hear my calling?

Would you hear the cries?

Because I did...

Somehow no one was near to ease the pain.


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