You.  Empowered.

By me.


My faith.

My hope.

My answer.


To your tender question.

Your enquiry,

over a metter delicate.


A subject I hold close.

A card I let none other see.

A card that hurts,

for as long as

I hold this hand.


So, to play.

Show this hand.

Exposes part of me that's easy to injure.


A part held dear.

With reverence.

With honesty,


I regard your eye.




Future hangs on my decision.

On my tremulous heart.

I don't lie to you.

I can't.


Your eye steady.

Your hand calm.

You see in me turmoil.


You see.

In me.


Past pain.

Maimed sensitivity.

Tender sensibility marked, shot, ripped and raped.


Jagged scars.

Unhealed welts.


And I see.

In your eye.

You know.

And I leap.

And I empower you

with my response.

Now you hold the dagger,

you hold the tool.

I land embraced in your integrity.

I am terror.

I trust.


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