Dullness quells life.  Awareness lethargy smothered, freedom-yearn tears emotion.

Boredom-relief inspiring-action search reveals apathy.

Interest-sparking idea-moment sabotaged, all activity thought-rendered pointless.


Turn over a rock and see what’s there.

Discovery potential begs worn-minded attention.

Creates transitory hope.

Smithereened upon same rocks.

Revealing expected: mundane reality, pointlessness’ proof.


One spark.  One charge upon expectation’s tinder.

Nurtured flame is inferno-promise.

Conflagration built with careful fuel-placement.

Life’s riches abundant in reality’s bonfire.


Yet tinder remains damp.

Ever more ineffective sparks miss target.

Ignition fails.


Long term pal.  Co-adventurer.  Makes space by her fire.

I warm cockles and dry tinder.

An ember.  Flame-ended promise.

Borrowed.  Given.  Transferred.

Ignition.  Soft-kindled flame nurtured.


My own fire sheds warmth.

Radiates inner light.

Bounty appreciated.  Previous life-paucity contract stark.

Reflection brings despair-pit closer.

Ingrained thought paths, etched into mind’s life-fabric, grip-forces you to the brink.

Once seen, the gap is ever-present.


Love’s companionship serves reminder: freefall halted.

Jedi mind trick restores positivity.


Flames roar.

I have warmth to dry tinder.

Sparks to ignite.

Come stand by me.

◄ Trust

Perspective ►


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