Far away.

Beyond Hills.  Plains.  Mountain's peaks.

Across far horizons.

Way far.

Is where I'm from.

My origin.

Distant.  In time and space.

Unreachable solace-source.

Safety-craving yearns memory.

Evokes distance.

Inspires trance-thought flashback.

My homeland.

Filled with heart-sing reminiscence-provoking sights, sounds - the scent of security.

Sun-shining smile-days.

Halcyon innocence.

Before truth.

And the reason I left.

The reason we all leave.

Flee everything.

Totality locked behind impenetrable, invisible barrier:

Inexorable time.  Experience.  Growth.

My childhood's my origin.

A place I'll never go back to.

A place I miss.

A part of me.

Of all of us.

My homeland.

Lost in time.

Safe in memory.


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Fri 11th Aug 2017 16:18

Thanks Keith, I'm really grateful for your compliment.


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keith jeffries

Thu 10th Aug 2017 19:16

I can relate well to this Rich but your words are far more eloquent than mine. Thank you for a beautiful and well written poem. Keith

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