Life stasis.  Rut. Climb out, escape

Decaying detritus.

Manifest new reality

Through positive action.


Hesitant.  Awaiting Order.

Unable to instruct

Self to act.  External control

Required to achieve goal.


Observe: written word, adventure -

Other’s experience:

Second hand life – passivity’s

Bespoke, known creation.


Disallow life’s victimising

Bent. Regret nothing. Time

Owns passenger’s future journey.

Pilot self: own life’s acts.


All is known pre act: comfort zone’s


Prison.  Mapped, charted.  Status quo

Permits low-fear living.


Alter any component. Change

Any ingredient,

In a manner outwith passive

Flux: drive experience.


Choice: binary / complex – allows

Control.  Adventure-choice

Positive action turns passive,

Borrowed life to living.


Unknown-impact hesitancy

Controls decision. Change

Begets release; begins chapters,

Doesn’t end living stories.


Choice alters reference frame. Feared

Ramifications cause

Hesitancy, drive permission-

Hunger; remove control.


Positive act breaks cover, draws

Other’s opinion,

Attention.  Inaction’s shield

Gives anonymity.


Interest: life’s variety.

Future: time’s possession.

Life belongs to self’s pilot. Folk

Respect life’s travellers.


After time’s smoothing passage, choice

Recedes from memory.

Adventure’s start: personal choice;

Experience: result.


Personal outlook drives outcome.

Life-currency earned, pay

Time’s passage with love, compassion

And positivity.


Positive force begets equal

Response.  Travel equipped

Thus, choice-ramifications dealt

With, in easy self-stride.


Circumstance requires different

Responses from each of

Us. Individual response

Carves personal result.


Love, compassion, positive thought

Combine, providing life

Tools allowing management of

Any situation.


Ownership-fear recedes gently

With practice. Keep making

Decisions; get familiar

With beneficial flux.

life choicelife decisionownershippositivity

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