'Forever and a day' by Natasha Bowman is Write Out Loud's Poem of the Week

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‘Forever and a day’ by Natasha Bowman is the new Write Out Loud Poem of the Week. Natasha, whose profile page on Write Out Loud is labelled Silent Song Symphony Sadness Soul, is a teenager who started writing around the age of 12-13. She says some of the poems that she has posted on Write Out Loud were from school projects. She wrote the Poem of the Week for her brother and his partner, and plans to read it out at their wedding reception.


How long has poetry been an important part of your life and can you remember why it became so?

It's a lame answer but what got me into writing was school. Even some of the poems I've posted were from school projects like my ‘I Am Not’ poem and The Choice is Yours. Also I have a serious case of last child syndrome so when I feel alone and unheard I write about it.


How long have you been writing?

I believe I was 12 or 13 when I wrote 'Dear World'. So I would say five or six years. ‘Dear World’ was my first good poem, well, at least in my eyes. This is the first time in all these years that I have allowed so many people to see my writings. To see into my world, it makes me feel vulnerable and exposed but at the same time it gives me confidence.


If you could only have one poet’s work to read, which one would you choose?

My favourite poet is actually Edgar Allan Poe. Basic, right, I know. His The Tell-Tale Heart is my favourite hands down. It touched me because I'm a person who has a very strong conscience and I know the feeling of hiding something to the point where you go crazy with guilt. But I also have a few favourites on Write Out Loud like Adriana de los Angeles Diaz Rizo’s sample poem I Am That Person You Always Forget. It is a poem that speaks to me on so many different levels and it's a really good poem. And also Andromeda’s poem A Belonging - the poem is very unique and caught my eye.  I am absolutely in love with it.


Do you perform your work and if so, where are your favourite places to perform?

I have not done an open mic night yet. I mean I just turned 18. It was like pulling teeth to get my curfew from 11 o'clock to 12 o'clock. Actually this poem that's being featured I wrote it for my brother and his fiancee. That's why it's so different from my other poems, less depression, more devotion. I'm actually going to be reading it aloud at the reception. But hopefully in the future I will have the cajones to do an open mic night, and who knows, maybe I'll fall in love with it.


You're cast away on a desert island. What's your luxury?

Um … water. No, I'm kidding, probably food and wifi and yes I'm THAT type of teenager. If I don't have both of those things I'm a goner.

I also want to say thanks so much to the Write Out Loud community  for reading and some even commenting on my work. And I would not have ever imagine I'd be featured but you've got to take the good things as they come. And I am truly honoured and grateful for this acknowledgement. Love Tasha.




by Natasha Bowman


I'm looking for its definition

As the world sings it in repetition

It is feelings I've forgot to mention


It moves me like the air in my lungs

Like soft songs sung

The beats of a drum

Like hot drops of rain in the sun


And to our song I hum

A union never to be undone

Symphonies and Melodies

Truly a masterpiece


And all I ask is that you stay with me

Rely on me

Pray with me

And never give up on me


Let's see all that we can be

And then you will see

That the love I have for you today

Will never change its form or stray


Quote me on what I say

Remind me of it everyday

I'll love you together we'll stay

For forever and a day.


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Tue 13th Dec 2016 22:12

You show simple and sincere sentiments from the heart and if you try to stay true to your desires that's always the best way to live. Congratulations !


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suki spangles

Mon 12th Dec 2016 08:26

This would be a great poem to read at a wedding reception. Congratulations on winning POTW Natasha.I hope this gives you further encouragement to carry on writing. Cheers!

Natasha Bowman

Mon 12th Dec 2016 02:16

Thanks everyone your comments bring me so much joy. This is why I love the WOL community. You guys are awesome. I'll definitely keep writing good poems and not so good poems.???


Mon 12th Dec 2016 00:00

Hey, Natasha! Claire has it right--so much promise. It's good to see your writing recognized here. And, I hope it serves as further encouragement to keep writing and to keep sharing.

You've got great style.


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Claire Baldry

Sun 11th Dec 2016 20:02

Your writing is really good, and has so much future promise. Great to see you recognised on WOL.

<Deleted User> (13762)

Sun 11th Dec 2016 19:33

I am so pleased you have been chosen for POTW Natasha. I love seeing younger writers venturing onto WoL and finding it a positive enough experience to stick around. It's even nicer when their work noticeably improves and grabs more attention from readers through the comments box.

As far as I'm concerned I have only just turned 18 (in my head) too (lol I wish!). But I hope you get what I mean. Writing helps keep my mind young, seeing the world around me in different ways, interpreting those ever changing emotions, always always questioning. I probably feel as nervous as you every time I post a poem here.

Good luck with reciting this at your brother's wedding reception. All the best, Colin.

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