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Doctor, I’m in trouble. What can you do for me?

I’ve taken drugs but not for bugs since we’re CCCP.

It’s not the taking part but the winning; so my heart

It goes boom boody boom boody boom boody boom

It’s pounding from anxiety

Boom boody boom boody boom boody boom

Oh, fuck the IOC!


Doctor, I’m in trouble.  It seems the powers that be

Will take the stand the Motherland has systematically

Covered up the facts with the state’s complicit acts

It goes boom boody boom boody boom boody boom

I can’t bear the indignity

Boom boody boom boody boom boody boom

Oh, fuck the IOC!


Put your tongue out please.  To the East. To the West.  (Not you, Vladimir).


I have done my share of cheating

To enable your competing

And so you end up beating all the rest,

Letting Comrade Leader Putin

Put the propaganda boot in

Once that Boris and Babushka

In the name of Mother Russia

Show our nation at its best

Far superior to West.


But, Doctor, wait a minute; it seems that there’s to be

They’re speaking of a weakening of those twats the IOC”

So pass the nandrilone; give the girls testosterone;

Then they’ll go boom boody boom boody boom boody boom

Their balls go boom boody boom boom boom

Boom boody boom boody boom boody boom

“Three Cheers for IOC”.




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John Coopey

Tue 26th Jul 2016 20:17

Thanks, MC. It's a pity the IOC didn't have balls.

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 26th Jul 2016 18:15

Seconded - with balls on!! Spot on - as usual.
I especially enjoyed the rhyme with "Putin" - that well-
known sporting enthusiast.
Am I getting paranoid (truth-speak for reality nowadays)
but why does it seem that when the word "International"
pops up in sport, everything goes to pot (if you'll pardon
the expression)?

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John Coopey

Mon 25th Jul 2016 23:29

Thanks Harry. I've always been a bit quick as Our Gert will verify.

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Harry O'Neill

Mon 25th Jul 2016 23:18

Hows this for speed?

You`ve gone and bloody well done it again man...perfect tune and bang up to the minute spot on must have been the clotted cream you were stuffin` down ya.

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