Love at the nets

(A  her, him, them, and us poem)


Look at the grace of her!
The leap,
The sweep,
The joy of the game in the face of her.


That delicate chip of her!
The air,
The flair,
The camber and curve of the hip of her.


The glorious zest of her!
The bounce,
The flounce,
The exuberance swelling the breast of her.




Then the nerve of him!
The clip,
The chip,
His grin at the break of her serve of him.


But none of the masculine craft of him!
No cunning 
Nor running 
Nor twist of the butt of the haft of him


Could rebuff her triumphant dispatch of him.
The wile,
And beguile,
Of the ultimate game set and match of him




They later made man-and-his -wife of them.
A Chelsea and Chuck
Flabbergast at the luck
Of the other one sharing the life of them.


Inter-mingling the sexual joy of them
By lovingly mating
And jointly creating
A cute little girl and a boy of them.


And the long lasting lesson they leave in us
Is the constant conceive
And the ever retrieve
Of the ongoing Adam and Eve in us


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Harry O'Neill

Sat 16th Jul 2016 15:05

Thanks folks for the comments.

(Looking at it again, I think it needs another `them` stanza with that `us` one separately tagged on as a finisher)

Ah, well, if the inspiration strikes again - who knows?

Thanks again.

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 15th Jul 2016 17:12

The care in this construction is evident...leading to a
most satisfying conclusion. Unusual, and all the more
rewarding for that.
Ira Gershwin would have appreciated this format for the
musical stage, that much is apparent from his own skill
in word play found in his book about lyric writing.

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steve pottinger

Fri 15th Jul 2016 13:31

Beautifully crafted, Harry!

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John Coopey

Thu 14th Jul 2016 22:56

Betjeman-esque, Harry.
Your intro reminded me of a tasteless joke I know about a Baptist Minister castigating
a-he-ing and a-she-ing,
and a-he-ing and a-he-ing,
and a-she-ing and a-she-ing
and a-me-ing and a-me-ing.

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Harry O'Neill

Thu 14th Jul 2016 00:31

A radically re-cast re-post

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