Poem of the Week

(Inspired by Write Out Loud's discussion thread: Poem of the Week)

This week
It can be announced Gong-Ka-Bong
That this poem
Is Poem of the Week
And a celebration of the communing with our etheric higher sense
Let us join together
And let the blood-letting commence

Observe the cowering bastards sit on the fence
Poets can be a vicious breed
Almost as obnoxious as stand up comedians
but without their sex and drugs and glamour and money
For the poet
It's a cucumber sandwich
A blow-up sheep
And a dodgy tummy
And let's be frank
That's when we get lucky..

Just what you need
What is it good for
That's what it is good for
Hey man that's deep
Your poem is better than this effort surely
You want to weep
Want to kill this so-so poet in their sleep
This poem question mark is Poem of the Week
It must have been written by a freak
Replete with dreary hallucinogenic halitosis epiphany
He's probably got connections with the
And a dozen poetry lodges
It's the only reasonable explanation
how something so hodge-podge
Managed to so effortlessly glide past
the more gifted disenfranchised throng
To bang that gong
When it's such a mongrel
Of philistine doppelganger doggerel
Something is wrong
Very wrong..

Leave a comment for the judges
Make them weep gnash whirl and wail on the floor
Poem of the Week
What is it good for
Say it again..



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Laura Taylor

Mon 11th Jul 2016 09:20

Hahahaaa :D :D Fantastic Suki :D

Preeti Sinha

Sun 10th Jul 2016 13:05

Love it! Spot on

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Matthew James

Sat 9th Jul 2016 23:56

Very funny take on the fun of poem of the week. There's a clear copyright infringement over that cucumber sandwich line though. I'll contact my solicitor on Monday... This is war!!! ;)

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