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Master and Commander

Master and Commander


Spreading kindness is not as easy as it should be,

Light years ahead this world of worlds,

And what’s not preserved will slip through mid-earth,


Medicated America suffers,

Morals are seldom thought of,

Our jaded youth trudges on,


We collapse on the front lines,

No one can save us,

Because we see our neighbors in turmoil and turn away,

The world is shattered in shades of gray,


Compassion dips,

Illusions try to trick us,

No one can see how hard we are fighting,

Armed in our bullet-proof vests,

Hate and rage caged in our chests, compressed --

Like a poisonous resin,

On the tip of an arrow,

Ready to puncture the first heart in a homicidal apocalypse,


What heed will this gain?

What dreams will this re-shape?


Kindness drips out of our souls now,

And we are stuck in this ugly world as fate paints a murderous destiny,

Silence is our demise,

Excuses are our defeat,

If our paths stay aimless and reckless,


It takes youth to decide,

It takes elders to push on,

If there is any hope to rise up out of the trenches,


With the sun and moon eclipsed,

We wish for purity’s kiss,

To wash away old wounds and steer the next ship.

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