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Vicky R.

Updated: Thu, 23 Jun 2016 04:02 pm

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Hi all. I'm Victoria, aka Vicky. I started writing poetry about ten years ago, but for some reason stopped. Maybe I got too busy as a college student, I don't really know. But I've picked up writing again this year just as I completed my master's in mental health counseling. I really enjoy helping people, and as I learned more about myself I learned I loved writing as a creative outlet. My intent is to connect and share. To offer support and comments. I'll keep this short and sweet, but I look forward to branching out, reading other poets' work and getting out of my comfort zone of writing in my notebook!


Fracture Betrayal stabs like a dagger, Cutting slices of my heart into 10 million scattered pieces, The open wound lingers eternally, Blood clots clump into a swamp of hate and anger, The horizon does not rebirth the putrid, frozen tissue, Feelings of filth and deceit seep through every cell of my dying body, The bond that was once so strong rots into the sewage of what remains, Here what lies beneath can cast only ominous shadows of a world with disposable people, People are wooden soldiers, Friends are paper dolls, And my heart beat is replaced by a leather-bound drum, Fickle and inconsistent creating chaos that breeds madness through every open vessel, Inside I am screaming to shut you out, Because once the cauldron boils only steam can escape, Trust is battered and raped, And you can only count on yourself. The Marked Ones Icicles stab like swords through my heart, Enemies terrorize my mind, Sanity slipping from the whole and the parts, Time is elapsing, Panic starts, The dream of salvation is lost in the storm, Ugly dark angels beg to be born, Uncage the black beast, Unholiest sworn, Warriors come running from distant lands, Strength and composure ripped out of their hands, Death and destruction spew through the air, No honor or humility left to be spared, Maleficence wears a crooked disguise, Hope cannot spread through torment and lies, Promises unkempt means lead in the blood, Evil is brewing infinity floods, With violence and rage demons parade, Men’s wills are crushed and souls are assuaged, The demons we not know all by name, With trickery they lure us to sin and cause pain, Here in this cave, Beauty is maimed, The demons have spoken, The damage is done, The battleship sunk, the surrender song sung, The demons have spoken, Future unchanged, The demons have spoken, Our souls are all stained. Master and Commander Spreading kindness is not as easy as it should be, Light years ahead this world of worlds, And what’s not preserved will slip through mid-earth Medicated America suffers, Morals are seldom thought of, Our jaded youth trudges on, We collapse on the front lines, No one can save us, Because we see our neighbors in turmoil and turn away, The world is shattered in shades of gray, Compassion dips, Illusions try to trick us, No one can see how hard we are fighting, Armed in our bullet-proof vests, Hate and rage caged in our chests, compressed -- Like a poisonous resin, On the tip of an arrow, Ready to puncture the first heart in a homicidal apocalypse, What heed will this gain? What dreams will this re-shape? Kindness drips out of our souls now, And we are stuck in this ugly world as fate paints a murderous destiny, Silence is our demise, Excuses are our defeat, If our paths stay aimless and reckless, It takes youth to decide, It takes elders to push on, If there is any hope to rise up out of the trenches, With the sun and moon eclipsed, We wish for purity’s kiss, To wash away old wounds and steer the next ship. The Garden The violets speak softly to me, They whisper to remember who came before, The tiger-lilies interrogate me, They say that spring pastures are no more, The violet flowers inspire me to see my powers pure, With the gifts that Venus pours my beauty will adorn, The tiger-lilies scratch and chase me, They say my will is cracked and torn, The violets will amaze me and lead me to the North, They say my perfect path is forged and I quickly must push forth, The tiger-lilies spit they hate me, They pray my path is treacherous and warped, The violets breathe serenity into my veins and pores, Their vitality invigorates me so anxiety evades the shores, The tiger-lilies wish I met an untimely end, But the orange flowers’ spells are broken and I’m finally on the mend, The violets join the roses, My beckoning soul finds solace.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Stu Buck

Thu 23rd Jun 2016 18:27

hi vicky, i am enjoying reading your work. there is heaps of darkness in there, but you also write with softness and hope in places. good stuff.

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