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It is an anti-climactical relapse into the repression and suppression of life. You'll be on a cloud of positivity held in the captivity of optimism. And then as if your minds been hit by a tun of bricks that indicate the euphemism of the candidness of reality. As you get older you realise that the higher you climb the further it is to fall, so you get indecisive between the fear of failure and the desire to succeed. But success is not what you need. If you succeed will you be happy? Or will you just be caught in the paradoxical elusion that we call life? With social concepts and social constructionism mandatorily dictating our perspective and inclination. And without hesitation we consensually cooperate. But what happens if we refuse to comply in acquiescence? If we repudiate and apostatise the social norms with a non conformist deposition? Nothing. Maybe then we can revel in life's irreplaceable experiences without getting bemused and distracted with materialism or technology. We'll be liberated into the freedom of capacitating the moment rather than being consumptionalised by media formats or distant insignificant destinations. What truly matters is happiness. We get blind sighted by our infallible minds with the incapability and reluctance to develop and diversify as a society. Where's the innovation? We're consumed with imparity and inequality - nothing's fair. Globalisation has brought us all closer, with new age applied science making any form of virtual communication imminent. But we're left with nothing tangible. You'll ignore me on the street but send me a poke on Facebook. These globalists deceived and misled us into thinking that this approach would take the world closer to happiness and enlightenment - but it's just encouraged ignorance and now as a generation we are lonelier than ever. Now if you can't see the contradiction and discrepancy in this globalised society then you are unenlightened, uncultivated and uneducated to the contradictory paradox that we live in. 



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