the circus life (1/30/2016)

a letter bearer
a memorial burier
graveshift digger,
sobbing for solace
muzzled, but crying out
characters carved in fingernail

caricatures recycled, resewn
(pretending that you've never known)

dug up and cleaned up
pastels painted over
and over
bright and brighter colors yet
to pour over tired, faded earthen tones
rewritten unrecognizeable:
and rewritten
and rewritten
placeholders in a dollhouse
placeholders in a dollhouse
torched for what would later be described
thin and obscure as fun.

tobacconist accidents
ember-ale imagining
forgetting its february for another puff
of the July where I met you
lit by flying bulbs strewn in smoke
bathed in porchlight
chased in torches.

wireframe and dislocated veins
dragged up and out of their holes
dolled up for performance
seven trades heavier than a dancers' paycheque
but tonight Im just dancing
tonight Im just dancing
i'll be living down another hole, 
hastily dug
excuse from the encore by a note
written by the backs of my hands in rope burn.

I'll always be stolen.

but doctor i am the clown

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