Martha Street

Grace is awakened, yet gently,

By the cheery sound of the night-watchman

As he passes by her window, his work done


Below, the gas-blue flame of the street lamp slowly pulses.

Its unheard siren-call beckoning the powerless moths

To one final, carefree dance


And another day dawns

On Martha Street, London, E1


Slowly, Grace embraces the lingering chill night-air

Spurred on by the fresh-bread smells

Wafting from the kitchen below.


Her world sucks in its first breath.

The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker

At work on this mid-summer morn


All is snug and familiar

On Martha Street, London, E1


Children race past under caps of cloth

Laces loose, knees grazed, not a care

Save for arriving before the mistress's bell


And Grace smiles to herself, and thanks her

God for this wonderful life, as miles away

Two shots are fired in the streets of Sarajevo


The 28th of June 1914


Life would be forever changed

On Martha Street, London, E1


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Robert Mann

Thu 28th Jan 2016 11:05

Jim - a ripple from a distance disrupting the peace, like a butterfly effect. Nice concept, beautifully crafted.

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John Coopey

Tue 26th Jan 2016 09:21

Cracking ending which gives it a whole new perspective.
As I was reading it I had echoes of Gerry Rafferty and "Night Mail"...
...and then the ending, which suggested something entirely different - that quote something like "the lights are going out....we shall not see them again".

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Vicki Ayers

Tue 26th Jan 2016 01:54

Wow I like it - clever - as Graham said the 'shots' firing brings it home x

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Adam Whitworth

Mon 25th Jan 2016 23:54

Elegant and wonderful. I particularly like

'Its unheard siren-call beckoning the powerless moths'

I don't know if such a hammered home ending is needed.

Good Stuff!

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Graham Sherwood

Mon 25th Jan 2016 23:39

You wonder where its going and then bang!
Good stuff.

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