See, hear, my little one.

Your senses tuning finely to Earth’s

Undulating, rhythmic waves of ageless,

Age-old lifeforce

Pulsing lifeless forms to life.

Measured heartbeats drumming out

Life’s message

Through the ether, ever nearer

Farther than the furthest orb

Twinkling its cyclic orbit

Ever onwards

Through the ebony-black, empty-black


Forcing: nothing; everything

Which lies between you and me

And eternity

And you will always know me

In the rushing silence, in the waveless,

Still, forever sea of time

Flooding your senses

Flowing endlessly far into the

Deep-black emptiness of night

And you can find me in the dark

For all your senses are now tuned

To earth’s own heartbeat

Not to hear your own nor mine,

As we are one

Orbiting this twinkling, pulsing, womb

Forging flowing life

In every dying contraction.


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Robert Mann

Mon 1st Feb 2016 17:42

Yvonne - where have you been? This piece is very illuminating for we mere men. The invisible bond between mother and child, which can only be germinated in the womb. We can only marvel at a connection we can not come close to.
Let's have less gaps in your postings please.

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Adam Whitworth

Wed 27th Jan 2016 00:04

So glad I read this one- several times. Lovely writing.

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Yvonne Brunton

Mon 25th Jan 2016 19:15

Ah, yes, John - you mean that cup of tea don't you? Definitely an important role - every birth scene on TV sees the hubby being told to make lots of boiling water!
Indeed not my usual style but for once I managed to break free from the shackles with which Marriott Edgar bound me in my innocent youth.

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John Coopey

Mon 25th Jan 2016 16:37

You clearly ignore the valuable and complex role played by the male in this process!
The free style surprised me but I was enchanted by the imagery, some of which I needed to re-read to appreciate.

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Mon 25th Jan 2016 15:55

The first poem of yours I've read, and it's a treat. An eloquent psalm to motherhood with all its grandeur and hopes and expectations. Really awe inspiring stuff, that men can't really expect to fully understand.


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