Sentenced to death for writing poetry

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Ashraf Fayadh, a 35 year old Palestinian poet and artist has been sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia for ‘apostasy’.   This apparently means writing poetry that someone in authority considers anti-Islam.

On their website, Amnesty International say,

“Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s most prolific executioners, and began the new year with an execution spree.

In a dark day for rights, on 2 January authorities there executed 47 people in one day. Some of the deceased had, like Ashraf, not had fair trials before they were imprisoned and sentenced to death.

As Saudi Arabian authorities continue their human rights crackdown, it’s vital that we stand up to the rights' abusers and use our free speech to speak for Ashraf, facing death simply because of the content of his poetry.”

Amnesty  has organized a petition to have Ashraf freed.   It can be signed here.

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Patricio LG

Wed 20th Jan 2016 00:24

Those hypocrites that go shopping in Londons West End and New York, use all the freedom as diplomats to go to clubs and restaurants, to behave frivolously and use all the fineries the western world has to offer are the same diplomats that go home to places such as Saudi Arabia and persecute the free spirited citizens that have poetry in their hearts

Leorah Rohnaz

Mon 18th Jan 2016 00:56


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Julian (Admin)

Sun 17th Jan 2016 17:09

I am afraid it sickens me that our government is loth to do anything about this, but is happy to shake hands with, and sell arms to, such people; in our name. Not mine, I can assure you. Poetry before profits, surely?

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Frances Spurrier

Sun 17th Jan 2016 15:46

Yes I agree. Lets remember all poets and artists who don't enjoy the freedoms we do in this country. Thank you for your comments.

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jeremy young

Sat 16th Jan 2016 18:05

and while protesting this, we should also remember other poets who have been imprisoned - mohammed al-ajami springs to mind

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 16th Jan 2016 16:58

The grip of tyranny anywhere is identical - strangling the
question and the questioner in abject fear of losing
power and control over minds open to indoctrination.
The sheep have wolves for shepherds!

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