Eagerly anticipated

Conscripted into lines

All of the colour but none of the smoke

It’s Friday night

And he’s had a few Pints

Of sup up and soak

There’s a queue at the place

Where the white queen rules

A place for a bit of sniff and snort

Teased out of hiding

With two tenner’s and a promise of more

No thought

No hesitation

No look of heartfelt perspiration

Just a couple of lines and an, I can do anything

I am superman

I rule supreme

Don’t mess

Don’t mix it with me

That’s the golden rule

I can jump

I can leap across tall buildings

At a single bound

Heart’s pumping

Charged up ready to go

Hold on who’s that lying

On the pavement below

No more flying

Heads banging

Who’s that shouting?

Eyes are blurring

What’s that clanging?

What’s all the fuss?

Just give us a hand up

I’ll be alright

Just give us a minute

Just feel like I’ve been hit by a bus

But I can stand

I can run

I am superman

Legs are a bit wobbly

But I can fly

Just one more snort

And a gentle toke

And I’ll be as right as rain

I’m always where the action is

I don’t need to be pushed around in a chair

More than just a bloke

I can fly........Can’t I?

I’m superman

Aren’t I?                    

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Martin Elder

Sun 11th Oct 2015 20:05

Thanks for your comments guys. I have to say that I was thinking of the same advert but have also worked with people who have had a problem with the old white powder and have felt that they are invincible at times as a result, though thankfully not with the result described above.

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Laura Taylor

Fri 9th Oct 2015 13:55

Yeh, I'm drawn to this too. Very good poem, the pace captures the feelings.

I remember those ads Stu. I always wanted to slap the stupid people though.

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Stu Buck

Thu 8th Oct 2015 23:54

i love this. it reminds me of those drinking ads from a while back with the guy dressed as batman falling off a roof. its beautifully written, has fragility and chest beating and the last two lines are killer. a++

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