A Daol Fo...

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Summer draws

To its inexorable end

Fruits, over ripened, softened

Pickled, peeled, pulped

Scooped and scraped

Ooze long fermented juices

And leave their stain…


An early fall

From such great height

Nut, berry, gourd

Drop, plop, slop

Reduced to mound

Mould, mildew

And the soft scratching

Of some hibernating claw…



Veterans of some long forgotten war

Last bastions of a lost cause

They hang, high and dry

Like plundered pheasant

Soon to be riddled

By unforgiving worm

Like Wembley’s towers

Once majestic, now forgotten

Crumbling in a brave new world

Like New York scrapers

Folding, exploding, imploding

All aspiration naught but dust…


Winter bites

Skin slack, on the rack

Hen pecked, turkey necked

Pinched, shrivelled, dimpled

White haired and goose pimpled

They swing, back and forth

Wrapped in bitter memory

Of half remembered names

Life’s riotous games


‘Knock knock knocking

On heaven’s door…’


Late spring, no spring

Hunched bunched

Out to lunched

Buffeted by blast

Upon blast

Of inclement wind

Drenched by acid tide

No Fish ever forecast…



Displaced, misplaced

Cracked, stacked, empty sacked


And my friends

If your were to understand

To truly understand

You would not whisper 

Nor yet with streaming eye, yell


A Daol Fo




But quite the reverse...

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John Coopey

Tue 2nd Apr 2013 15:17

Yes indeed, isobel. I think your interpretation of ageing and decay is a bit more elegant than mine! On the matter of you having the balls - that would come as an unwelcome surprise!

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Lady Ha Ha

Thu 24th Jan 2013 18:30

Ha ha! Bollocks! Its a load of old bollocks! Not litrally of course :)

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Gus Jonsson

Sat 30th May 2009 07:59

Hi Izo

I love the way in which you have word danced and embroidered rhythm and images
throughout this very clever poem.

Llew desserpmi yb siht daol fo dlo skcollob


<Deleted User>

Thu 28th May 2009 12:33

Oh how clever of you Isobel, love this chucky egg. Suzy

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winston plowes

Thu 28th May 2009 10:01

Hi Isobel.Particularly liked the Winter bites section. Great rhythm to it. Far from Skcollob. win x

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