There's many a heavy heart down in Devon now that a singular voice has been stilled by the march

of time.  Brian Carter was a one-off: a gifted artist, writer and poet whose talents were to serve the

cause nearest to his heart - the care of the countryside and its content.  He wrote a column -

"Carter's Country" - for the local Torquay Herald Express and it became a "must" for its readers.

He cycled and led walks and other events to champion a natural world that he saw vanishing beneath

the abusive profiteering mindset of modern Britain.  Among his books, "Where The Dream Begins"

and "Yesterday's Harvest" remain personal favourites, resonating with my own personal South Devon

origins.  He was a young lad who grew up with WW2 - a boyhood in a rural/coastal England

much of which has vanished for ever but his writing was full of his pleasure in those less material

days and every line a delight for his lucky readers.  If you do not know of this gifted man, I urge

you to seek out a copy of "Where The Dream Begins" - a wonderful distillation of all the things

that made him such a valuable contibutor to an age we have lost and the one we live in now.  He will

be grievously missed but his matchless legacy will ensure he will not be forgotten.

"The Almighty and the angels love to hike

Now Brian Carter's on his bike

To a deserved place in that greater heaven

Beyond his own beloved Devon"

RIP - "Bri".

1937 - 2015






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M.C. Newberry

Thu 4th Jun 2015 17:45

Thanks for the comment, JC.
There is a sad irony in the fact that although Brian Carter
had spent much of his life stretching his legs around the
wilder places that countryside can offer, he suffered from
heart problems in his later life and apparently this saw him
taken to hospital prior to his death. Some years ago, I
nominated him for an honour (Birthday/New Year) due to
his varied contributions to nature and the arts but this
was not successful. But then he might never have fitted in with "Buggins' Turn" or the values we place on the
achievements of today's glitzy commercialised world.

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John Coopey

Wed 3rd Jun 2015 23:17

Nice epitaph, MC.
Just googled him and read the Herald Express report of his death.

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