Love life

The way your hands attach themselves to my body

The way your lips stick to mine

That breif moment we stop and look deep into eachothers eyes

Trying to find forever

Love is mixed

Along with friendship



Together it made a clear view of our future

Take my hand

Take a risk

Lets start off our life

Somewhere new

Repopulate the world

Make it our own

Because the vibe you give

Gives me hope

Hope that in my corner

Youll always be

Ive never met a guy like you

Swept me off my feet

Holding me up so high

Making me feel so damn special

So just please take my hand

And runaway with me

Into the future

Into forever



◄ silence


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Andy N

Wed 21st Jan 2015 12:50

lovely.. ashley but keep an eye on your spelling.

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