Lost At Sea

LOST AT SEA Weston Parks I'm perched upon the sandy shore, fast anchored to the land As I do gaze with one accord, through spyglass in my hand Far out to sea I do espy, my one and sacred love My Dearest One I'll ne'er deny, my bonded lady love Alone she sits and tears do fall, and reach her I cannot Though hoarse my voice I call and call, she's not within earshot She's suffered yet again a row, with one she trusted dear And though she seeks out friend from foe, she can't see that I'm near She stands up in her rocky craft, to gain a better view Her eyes search far both fore and aft, though sighting nothing new If only she could see the compass, firmly in my grasp But when I sought to offer it, her hand would not enclasp She holds one of her own aloft, not knowing that it lies And thinks my loyalty's gone soft, though truth this does defy Her looking glass is scratched and scored, and hides reality More drifting she cannot afford, as she ebbs far from me The oars are lost and rudders failed, her sail is shorn in two And leaking water can't be bailed, catastrophe is due If only she would take a leap, of faith in me at last She'd find I'll never make her weep, I still am holding fast No sooner would I her betray, than cut my very throat But still she must take leap of faith, to cross the bitter moat She must believe that north is south, and east has become west And catch the line I toss to her, believing I know best And if the choice she makes is true, the joy will be sublime For faith in me is overdue, and now has come the time



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