Look At The Trees

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‘Look at the trees’ she cried,
Kicking up the autumn leaves,

Embrace us in your comforting branches,
Enthrall us with a kaleidoscope of colours,
Engulf us with your sweet perfume,
Delight us with your grace and beauty,
Beguile us with your style and charm,
Caress us with a bouquet of blossoms
Let us forever bloom in your wondrous garden.


Suddenly a sea of swirling mist closes in
And threatens to consume us,
We race across a blanket of wet woven grass,
And press our aching bodies
To your virile and protective trunk,
While you stand erect and proud
Under a cool clear night sky,
Reaching for the distant heavens,

‘Look at the trees’ she cried,
‘Look at the trees’.


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Tom Doolan

Tue 14th Oct 2014 18:54

Hi M.C. - thanks for your comments and insight. I felt the need to post something to celebrate autumn. Tom :)

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 14th Oct 2014 14:24

Any hymn of praise to trees is worthwhile in my
The modern awareness of their importance to life
on this planet is one of the saving graces of
mankind's habitation. If you cut one down, plant
Look at the trees indeed!!

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