Halloween On Fire

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I arose from the crypt on Friday October 31

Gazed into the mirror - nothing stared back at me

For a vampire on the loose there is a lot at stake

I am totally bewitched as far as I can see

It’s alright to dress up like the devil to frighten folk 

It’s okay on the ghostly streets - in fact it’s a howl

Hammer on doors, play the fool, trick or treat  

Pumpkins light the way of werewolves on the prowl

I wander down the avenues dazed and bemused

As witches flying broomsticks on high soar

I stagger and fall exhausted by the wayside

Weakened by fireworks glow as the heavens roar

It’s November 5 and I am more dead than alive

Up I am scooped and tossed onto the pyre

A match is struck and my world is on fire 

Confused.com – I am not that kind of guy 

Burning on a blazing bonfire under the night sky


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